Flying Fish Fuse Demo

Written by Harry Gilliam

Topics: Fireworks Displays

You can use effects fuses in aerial shells, in rockets (including my favorite Stinger Missile Rockets), in mines, and many other fireworks.

Heck, it’s even fun to just light a 4″ piece and throw it in the air–especially with the crackling sound the flying fish fuses make.

You may have seen flying fish. Up in the air, they appear to kind of “swim around” in the night sky. (My neighbor’s kid calls ‘em “spermies!”).

This is cool stuff! One of my favorite firework “ingredients.”

Falling leaves fuse, only the other hand, is a quick, easy, and inexpensive alternative to making colored stars…especially when you get it free!

Once ignited, pieces of falling leaves fuse slowly fall like lazy-floating, lemon-yellow colored stars, simulating “falling leaves” stars.

Both fuses will come in handy when you need a cool effect for your devices, and don’t can’t spare a lot of time and effort to pull it off.

Today, you can end up with 100-foot rolls of these two different types of effect fuses worth $65…FREE!

Jump on this. All fuses are getting harder to find, and more expensive. We just happen to have a lot of these two on hand.

Fine print: Read now or weep later

  • Get a 100 foot roll of Orange Crackling Flying Fish Fuse and a 100 foot roll of Lemon Falling Leaves Fuse free for EVERY $77 you spend. $77 minimum order.
  • Offer expires midnite, Eastern Time, June 11th, 2016.
  • Order must be placed on Skylighter’s website.
  • You won’t see the free bonus fuses in your order confirmation. They will be added before we ship your order.
  • Shipping costs will be more than what you see in your order confirmation, on accounta the freebies.
  • You must enter the Promo Code: 77FUSE in your shopping cart when you check out.
  • This is offer is not retroactive. You cannot apply it to a previous order. No matter how much we love you.

And be sure and order enough stuff to get your $65 worth of free fuses. A no-brainer.

Now go out and LIGHT something!

Harry Gilliam

Chief Cook & Bottlewasher

PS: This special offer ends midnite, Eastern Time, June 11th, 2016. Don’t miss getting 200 feet of free fuse worth more than $65!

Spend at least $77 and use Promo Code: 77FUSE when you check out.

PPS: You’ll receive 1 roll of each fuse for every $77 you spend, so stock up on pyro supplies and get loads of free effects fuse.

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  1. Ben says:

    Damn it, I need to start thinking about reloading my fuses and I missed this deal by a little over a week? Ugh :( Awesome deal, quite jealous of those who were able to take advantage of it, I’ll try to hold off ordering for the next deal ;)

  2. I am an inveterate enthusiast in building rockets. Here in Brazil all teaching materials are scarce, hard to find. Request a help to send all the materials needed to build my small rocket engines. I thank the great help. Happy year 2016. My address is: St. George Street, # 16, Saint Kitts CEP: 41500-080, Salvador (BA-BRAZIL).

  3. Rob says:

    If this fuse is used in a ball shell does it need a primer coating or do you just mix it with some meal coated rice hulls? I have always been afraid to build a shell with effect fuses because it seems like it would be hard to ignite.

    • Harry Gilliam says:

      Priming is usually not necessary for falling leaves fuse, most people don’t bother to prime flying fish fuse either.

      For best effect with flying fish prime one end and “fire proof” the other end by dipping in white glue and sawdust. This ensures that the fuse is burning from only one end so it is propelled though the air.

  4. juper lynn bob says:

    I pretty much have fun with frier works with my frends am sum beer every yer.

  5. Louis says:


    Are you going to Pyrofest this year?


  6. Elmer Hamlett says:

    Does that fuse ignite easily in rockets?

  7. Elmer Hamlett says:

    I only wish you would offer these great items on sale when you have free shipping!

  8. Gary Moore says:

    These are really neat items. Also make great cores for comet stars and as risers on the bottom of the comet stars great effect.

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