From a pile of chems to finished shells in 4 hours

From a pile of chems to finished shells in 4 hours

Written by Harry Gilliam

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If you like building aerial shells, rockets or mines, this may be a game changer for you.

This is Bert Ingley, Harry’s apprentice pyro-magician. Lemme tell you this amazing success story about my very first batch of stars.

In just a short time since I met Harry, our backyard Fourth of July show grew from measly little fountains purchased at the grocery store to 500 gram cakes, 4 oz. rockets, flying fish fuse mines. and banks of festival ball shells.

Pretty awesome! But we always want more, right?

I had big plans for the Fourth this year to move up to making 3″ ball shells!

I decided to make colored stars for ‘em.

Now for you super-accomplished pyros out there, this may not sound like a big deal.

But to the expectant eyes of my four pre-pubescent kids, a 3″ ball shell with red stars going off in the backyard is better than Disney! We are talking serious “Dad is my hero” kinda stuff here.

Unfortunately, the weather was NOT cooperating. For the entire 7 days leading up to the Mighty Fourth, it rained every day, all day.

Crap! No way I’m going to be able to make stars, let them dry, and get all the fireworks built in time.

Finally, at 8am on July 4th, no less, I caught a break.

The heavens finally cleared. The blessed sun shone down and I hit the ground running like a madman… still wondering how in the world I could pull off my goal of getting those 3 inch shells completed in time.

I quickly called Boy Genius at Skylighter and told him what a pickle I was in, and he shined his pyro light on… The Way. He told me how “screen sliced stars” could be made and ready to shoot in less than 4 hours! Hallelulia!

I was off an running. And luckily I had everthing on hand that I needed.

It only took about 30 minutess to measure, screen and mix the chemicals. I made a star comp “pancake,” just like Ned Gorski showed me in his excellent tutorial. I pushed it through a 3-mesh screen to “slice the stars” and BAM…

A big ole’ pile of stars!

Right away, I burn tested them to make sure they would take fire easily and to check the color. I didn’t have to wait for them to dry–they were still wet! Talk about instant gratification.

A blowtorch and a clear spot in the driveway was all I needed to check them out. Beautiful, brilliant first-time successful red colors — true pyro “magic.”

Just 3 hours later they were dry and ready to be loaded into my shells for the big night.

I didn’t need any special equipment. Just a screen and some plastic buckets for mixing. No star plates, no star rolling machine, no star pumps needed.

Ned’s step-by-step tutorial was truly simple and idiot proof.

You should understand: I am not handy with tools, fixing stuff, or generally a “maker” of anything. Just ask Mrs. Bert, she’ll tell you.

But using Skylighter’s Screen Sliced Star Kit, I was able to start a batch of red stars July 4th morning, and have them into my shells in time for that evening’s festivities.

In fact, the stars came together so fast I even had time to build a stellar 1.75″ mine run and some 2″ canister shells to go with the 3″ aerial shells.

So, you want to get a new batch of stars done in a hurry so you can use them tonight?

Make “screen sliced” stars.

I guarantee you this is THE fastest star making method ever invented. And these red “rubber” stars (called that because they use a synthetic rubber binder) also happen to be some of the brightest star colors you will ever see, even in daylight!


Go here to get your first Screen Sliced Stars Kit right now:

Get the Screen Sliced Stars Kit

This kit contains everything you need to make red rubber stars, including a professionally made, framed 3-mesh star-making screen that will last you a lifetime.

You can use this screen to make stars that are perfect for shells, mines, and rocket headings. Plus you can use them the same day you make them.

Now, your Screen Sliced Star Kit comes with enough chemicals to make 2.5 lbs. of stars, and includes a 3-mesh framed Skylighter Proscreen, which turns out 1/2 inch stars.

But if you want to make smaller stars than that, just use a 4-mesh screen. For bigger stars, use a 2-mesh screen.

BONUS: Save $10 on Star Making Screens

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any 2-mesh, 3-mesh, 4-mesh framed or unframed screens.

These are industrial strength wooden-framed stainless steel screens custom made to withstand the heavy pressures of screen slicing.

FINE PRINT–Read it now or weep later:

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Get the Screen Sliced Stars Kit and pick up some more screens at a great price.

Then, go out and light something!

Yours in flames,

Bert Ingley

Star Making Prodigy

PS: Purchase a Screen Sliced Stars Kit and 2, 3 or 4-mesh star-making screens for $10 OFF each one.

Use Promo Code STARSCREENS and let us know in the comments which screens you want.

Get the Screen Sliced Stars Kit

PPS: Download the free tutorial after you order your kit.

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