Celebrating the “Real” Independence Day

Celebrating the “Real” Independence Day

Written by Harry Gilliam

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Every year we celebrate the USA’s independence on “The Mighty Fourth.”

Well, even though July 4th — beloved by American fireworks nuts of every size, shape, and color…even though July 4th was the day we declared our independence from Mad King George, it is not the day we actually GOT our independence.


The US of America officially became independent and ended that war when we signed the Treaty of Paris, on September 3rd, 1783.

Signing of the Treaty of Paris
(Famous Fireworks Nut John Adams, 2nd from Left)

So, I ask you: do you have your fireworks ready yet for the REAL independence day–”The Mightier Third?” Well, if you are a true patriot, you better get cracking.

Because this is yet another event specifically intended by the founders to be celebrated with rockets, shells, mines, salutes and sparkles of every type.

It’s true. And why Sept. 3rd has been ignored all these years is beyond me.

Look: Ben Franklin, John Jay, and John Adams all signed that treaty for the winning side.

You remember John Adams, right? Adams was the original President who gave us all permission to celebrate July 4th with “bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other…forever more.”

(Hell, he said that before he knew where one end of the continent even WAS!)

Well, it is also a fact that he said we should do the same thing to celebrate the end of the Revolution. Look it up!

But enough history.

What’s important now is that you only have 6 weeks to get ready for this year’s celebration of the “Mightier Third.” Because this particular September 3rd is actually the 230th anniversary of us kicking the English outa here.

Head on over to the Skylighter website and start stocking up on supplies!

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