Improved Titanium Sparkler

Improved Titanium Sparkler

Written by Harry Gilliam

Topics: How to Make Fireworks

Almost everybody who has lit one of these Titanium sparklers has jumped up and down stiff-legged and begged for the formula.

Well my fellow pyro addict, thanks to the gracious permission of the AFN staff I’m going to show you this method for building a better sparkler.

This is just one of many cool fireworks ideas you can find in Best of AFN, Volume VI.

Improved Titanium Sparkler

This project is a slight modification of the famous Spirit of America titanium sparkler formula.

Potassium perchlorate 1000 grams
Titanium metal, mixed fines 1000 grams
Dextrin 450 grams
Guar gum 50 grams

All the ingredients are available from Skylighter. You can use either of Skylighter’s new titaniums for this formula:

The titanium, dextrin and guar gum are mixed with sufficient warm water to form a thick glop. It is stirred for a while. Then the potassium perchlorate is added with continued stirring.

More water is added while doing this until the consistency of the mix is thick enough for dipping. When this consistency is reached, the wires are dipped into it one or more times, allowing the coating to dry between dips, until the desired coating length and thickness are achieved.

The wire can be made from coat hangers. Or, for a straighter and more professional appearance, bundled 8-foot wires used for suspending ceiling can be purchased from a building supply store and cut to the desire length.

Be sure to use dextrin AND the guar gum. Guar is a thickening agent used to get a good, thick coating in only two dips. It costs very little and makes the slurry cling to the wires with only minimal dripping when drying.

Pretty simple, and you can get everything you need at Skylighter’s website. Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

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  1. Pyro Guru says:

    Have you ever tried making different colored sparklers ?

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