Now these are shells!

Now these are shells!

Written by Harry Gilliam

Topics: Fireworks Displays

These shells are absolutely positively stunning! It’s not very often that a fireworks display makes the old man jump up out of his chair like this one did.

These bits of Maltese magic are filled with effects than you’ve never seen before…guaranteed.


If you wanna make stars like you see in the video, you’re gonna need a lot of ‘Perc.’

Right now you can get all the Potassium perchlorate you want for only –$3.63 per pound. That’s almost half price!

This opportunity is only good until Wednesday, Sept 19th at midnight so jump quick.

Here’s the link:

Get Potassium perchlorate for only $3.63 per pound <== click here

PS: Potassium perchlorate is the main oxidizer in the Veline Colored Star System. Robert Veline’s excellent star system can be used to make every color you can ever want, all using just one relatively small set of chemicals. If you like the Veline article, please click the Like and Google +1 buttons there to let us know you want to see more good fireworks formulas like the Veline system.

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  1. jeff wilson says:

    Wooow! If those don’t bring a smile to your face nothing will.

    Jeff W.

  2. Thomas Pingenot says:

    This video reminds me of why ‘The Child Bride’ and I went to Malta this past April for The International Symposium on Fireworks. Seminars daily followed by nightly exhibitions and displays of this caliber and their Maltese wheels. Then three nights of International Competitions. (Malta won!)

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