Now these are shells!

Now these are shells!

Written by Harry Gilliam

Topics: Fireworks Displays

These shells are absolutely positively stunning! It’s not very often that a fireworks display makes the old man jump up out of his chair like this one did.

These bits of Maltese magic are filled with effects than you’ve never seen before…guaranteed.


If you wanna make stars like you see in the video, you’re gonna need a lot of ‘Perc.’

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PS: Potassium perchlorate is the main oxidizer in the Veline Colored Star System. Robert Veline’s excellent star system can be used to make every color you can ever want, all using just one relatively small set of chemicals. If you like the Veline article, please click the Like and Google +1 buttons there to let us know you want to see more good fireworks formulas like the Veline system.

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  1. Scott S says:

    You were right Harry they are the nicest shells i have ever seen. Thanks for sharin it wit us.
    They look like 12 inch and larger size shells.

  2. Robert Loseman says:

    I saw a picture of a shell on pass fire it was fantastic with blue stars and a white center, I copied the picture and put it where I see it when I build shells and I say to myself “SOMEDAY”

    Now Harry comes along with this video and again I get pumped up
    SOMEDAY someone will share the how to tutorial

    Thanks Harry for keeping the spark alive

  3. Kevin O'Reilly says:

    It’s Because of videos like this that my passion grows and grows for this. the sky is truly the limit. and i would have to guess those shells beeing at least 6″ and also some 8, 10′s and 12,s that is amazing.

    Harry we better be seeing some tutorials on these

  4. Richard Agozzino says:

    that brought tears to my eyes

  5. TJ says:

    Harry, Thanks for sharing this amazing video! The Maltese are together with the Japanese the most skilled pyros on this planet. For everybody who would like to see/learn how they make these shells, visit Malta! The people are very friendly and the ones who make the fireworks will show you around on their factory. If you are a pyro, you are their friend. I have been lucky to witness this kind of fireworks almost a dozen times, and visited some factories and learned a whole lot. It’s simply stunning every time.

  6. Francois Le Berre says:

    Amazing video, thank you Harry for sharing this with us. The techniques of these pyrotechnicians are superb. They are true masters.

  7. Mike Merone says:

    Harry Just wondering those shells have to be mighty large to produce those effects correct? So I am assuming 6″ shell or large or am I wrong?

  8. gregg lane says:

    I need the how to tutorial. They were awesome. I too would have loved to hear the reports rather than the music. Where can i take that class?

  9. Rendale says:

    WOW!!!! I hope to make such great shells someday. Thanks for sharing

  10. michael caruana says:

    yes Harry, that’s how we make fireworks in Malta despite all the burocracy existing against the fireworks people in Malta. We win competitions where ever we go in honor to our tiny country and the government and the authorities still look at us as criminals.

  11. Maurizio Di Sciullo says:


    Beautiful, to say the least. Honestly, without info on how to make at least the less complex ones, it’s a bit of a tease! Tsk, now, Harry! ; ) Cough up some details, Maestro! What’s the worst that can happen? We’ll all buy tons of chemicals to make and test those things? And what’s wrong with that?

    Thanks, Harry! A beautiful video!


  12. Doug says:

    Incredibly beautiful.
    That is true pyro art at it’s finest.

  13. James Dean says:

    Shells were great! Background “music”? Not so much. Hearing just the reports- even from a distance- is all the music needed IMHO…

  14. mark lippke says:

    I agree. I am a senior on a fixed income. I love to make fireworks! Where’s the discount for seniors?

  15. Doug Pratt says:

    Holy smoke! You are going to tell us how some of those were done, or tell us where we can learn it? I’ve watched that clip over and over for an hour. How did they do that perfect Maletse cross?

  16. Eric Bley says:

    Makes me want to build a shell. Ideas are limited to the person.

  17. Mike says:

    Absolutely wonderful ! I would be interested in seeing the details of the shell construction on some of the larger multi-color breaks. The sky is the limit or shall I say, your imagination is the limit combining some of your background with some of his construction methods and formations. The video was great ! thank you for sharing….. now teach us how to produce the same :)

  18. Paul Jackson says:

    Dear Harry,
    I really enjoy your web site and dream of all the things you explain. I’m 70 years old and the best I’ve been able to do is make simple rockets for my kids ages 20 and 18 years old. They of course are no longer interested in dads little hobby. I still enjoy even by myself.

    I love all the sails you offer but unfortunately being on a fixed budget I’m unable to purchases very much. Being 70 years old has it’s setbacks. How about a Senior discount for all of us old farts to be able to build their dream rockets. What a great hobby for the last generation who can remember when fireworks were available each 4th of July. “Those were the days”.

    Thanks for you web site and keep sending those deals. I’ll save up my Penney’s and hopefully make some purchases one of these days.

    Paul Jackson

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