How to Make 2-Inch Firework Cylinder Shells

Written by Harry Gilliam

Topics: How to Make Fireworks

After using flying fish fuse
to make a reloadable star-gun cake, I thought it might be nice to go a little further and make some simple, small shells using that same fuse. I’ll also make some star shells using the same methods.

These little, quick-and-easy shells are perfect for testing stars in a star shell, and also for simple shells for a backyard display. You can even attach a gold glitter rising tails
to the top of them.

With a little assembly line, a bunch of these small shells can be quickly made for launch the same day.

I’ll be starting with Skylighter #PL1020 plastic aerial fireworks shell casings. These casings come with a 3/32-inch hole in the cap to accommodate visco time fuse. One could also use PL1022 casings, which come with a 7/32-inch hole in the cap. (I won’t be using the fuse hole in the cap, so the size of the hole makes no difference.)

PL1022 Plastic Aerial Fireworks Shell Casings

PL1022 Plastic Aerial Fireworks Shell Casings

I’ll also be using 1/4-inch Chinese time fuse, GN2010, and super-fast paper firecracker fuse, GN1205. This same paper fuse can be used as a quickmatch leader by wrapping it with peel-and-stick aluminum foil duct-tape, or standard GN3001 quickmatch may be used.

Click here to learn how to construct 2-Inch Plastic Cylinder Shells.

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