Cremora Fireballs

Written by Harry Gilliam

Topics: How to Make Fireworks

Ya know what’s really aggravating? You put many hours of sweat and labor into producing a nice fireworks display, perhaps with some homemade aerial fireworks shells and fountains, and somewhere in the show you fire some of these simple and easy-to-make Cremora fireballs. And after the show, do you hear much praise for the meticulously constructed shells that you slaved over? No! All you hear, especially from the kids, is, “Wow, we loved those big, fiery things! Whaddaya call em? They were hot!”

40-50 Foot Tall Cremora Fireball

40-50 Foot Tall Cremora Fireball

(Photo and fireball by Noel Emge)

These fireballs are definitely crowd-pleasers. And they couldn’t be easier to make and shoot. The Bluegrass Pyrotechnics Guild has made and shot literally hundreds of the 5 gallon size fireballs in the displays we have produced for the Pyrotechnics Guild International’s (PGI) summer conventions over the years. One time we wanted to replicate an atomic bomb mushroom-cloud in a show that had a World War II segment. We fired 13, five-gallon fireballs which resulted in this smoke cloud after the fire went out.

70 Foot Mushroom Cloud by Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild

70 Foot Mushroom Cloud by Bluegrass Pyrotechnic Guild

In another show, we had a Wizard of Oz segment and wanted to have fireballs associated with “The Great Oz Has Spoken” soundtrack. Cremora fireballs provided just the right effect.

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  1. pat says:

    I just finished my first batch of black powder, i will attempt my first creamora blast today, will report the outcome tomorrow..hopefully

  2. Joe says:

    The higher the fat content, the better.

  3. Interesting design. Does a certain type of creamer work better than others? I never knew creamer was flamable!

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