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Written by Harry Gilliam

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Lit Skylighter sky lantern Skylighter just got its first shipment of Sky Lanterns in.  If you read about the beautiful Chinese Sky Lanterns in our blog in January, we just got our very first shipment of them.

If you don’t know what Sky Lanterns are, click here to check out the Sky Lantern Festival videos on YouTube.

Of course, I will tell you to order them right away.  You know that.  But honestly, I really don’t  care if you do or not.  I’m having too much fun lighting them every night myself.  Here are some pictures of the ones that Anne and I launched last night.  The damned things are addictive: I can’t do just one; I gotta do ten at a time!

These are absolutely wonderful little gizmos, and I am positively high on them. I brought 15 of them back in my suitcase from Hong Kong to try out over here. Everyone who has seen them has gone ga-ga over ‘em. Nobody doesn’t like ‘em!

Every time I tried to light one myself last night, Anne snatched the lighter away from me!  She wanted to do it!

A few things to know:

WHAT THEY DO  Skylantern filling with hot air
- The “fuel” for the fire is cardboard square soaked in wax. You light it, the balloon fills with hot air, and up they go.
- They fly a mile or more up and God knows how far.
- They burn for about 4.5 minutes.
- Once the fire goes out, they drop to the ground.
- They are completely biodegradable.

- Launch them only in still air. If you have enough wind to make them difficult to lift off, don’t let them go. The wind actually deflates the lanterns, and then there’s not enough hot air in them to lift off.
- Only when they burn out will they drop. But if you launch them in a wind, they can be blown down or sideways and possibly start a fire. Don’t launch them when the wind is blowing. Got it?
- The paper shell of the balloon is fire retardant. You can burn/char it, but it does not catch fire.
Skylantern ready to flyThey may be illegal some places. Check your fire code and fireworks laws to be sure they’re legal in your area.
- Don’t tie anything to them. They are finely balanced–almost anything adding weight to them will cause them not to lift off.

- Anytime, nighttime or daytime. This variety looks best at night, but you will undoubtedly want to see what they do in daytime, so you can follow them visually.
- Weddings: launch them after the wedding vows in an outdoor ceremony, or as the bride and groom exit the reception.
- Funerals: I want them used at mine. You probably will, too.  I am not kidding.  Think about the soft, glowing, fading light as your Sky Lantern goes slowly toward heaven.
- Fireworks events: as a daytime and nighttime feature.
- July 4th: start or finish your July 4th fireworks with Sky Lanterns.
- Parties: add them to give your outdoor party a very special quality your guests will not forget.
- Anyplace you want really quiet fire effects.
- When you need to create a swarm of UFOs in your neighborhood.
- For the pure fun of it. They are absolutely wonderful.
-How to light a sky lantern.

- Anytime, anywhere on the planet. No restrictions, not a hazmat.  Regular shipping or overnight.  Domestic US or to any address in the world.

Skylantern being released Watch for more from us on these. I will be running a photo and video contest for Best Sky Lanterns, so be sure and take pictures and videos of your’s when you use them.

We only got 1500 of these in this first order. I expect we will run out before we get more. We will do our best to get another, bigger stash well before the Mighty Fourth, but one never knows, do one?

Our current Sky Lantern inventory is very limited. Order these right away! Click

NV5001, 10 Sky Lanterns $69.40

Or click here to order them one at a time  Skylighter skylantern ready to fly

NV5000, 1 Sky Lantern $9.79

Enjoy.  I think you will find, like I did, that these are safe, quiet, beautiful, and a lot of fun for everybody.

Now here’s the question:  what is the best way for one person to launch 10 of them at a time?

Harry Gilliam
Chief Cook & Bottlewasher

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  1. Dee says:

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder if anyone has ever found a sky lantern with a message written on it, miles away from where it was released. Would love to hear stories of people finding them.

  2. Helen says:

    We are getting married in Fiji in July and want to take some sky lanterns for after the ceremony.
    Next week we will be in Hong Kong – can you tell us the address of where we can purchase them and bring back with us.


  3. Desmond says:

    do u know where i can find out about the fireworks laws in hawaii for sky lanterns?

  4. kirsty says:

    How can i go about making these myself?

  5. Will says:

    To launch 10 at a time…
    Take one old bicycle wheel. Run strings (cotton thread is best) from each of the ten lanterns through the spokes of the wheel and tie them to together and secure this string to the earth with a tent peg. Light the lanterns one at a time. They should be separated enough by the spokes to stay apart from each other.
    When all are lit, take a pair of scissors and cut the ten strings at the apex of the tent peg.

  6. Jackie says:

    Harry, your question is difficulty, can we use a fuse to touch with the sky lantern fuel? At the bottom of the fuel, attach a combustible thing, then light the fuse, maybe can launch 10 sky lanterns at a time.

  7. Xin says:

    really nice idea to buy Sky lanterns for fun!!!
    As a Chinese, it has been a long time that I didn’t play Kong Ming Lantern! I’ve got to buy some too!
    By the way, it’s really possible to put several lanterns in your suitcase? It takes much space and it is dangerous, no?
    Have fun
    Xin from Liuyang! :)

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